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Bullpen Bulletins: January 2015

Hi folks. Hames Ware and Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr, our resident Gurus of all things panelological (new word—yay!), had a few things to say about some of our most recent titles so we’re sharing them with PS-dom assembled.  Over to you, Guys! Keep up the fab work!

Dear PS

Here are a few observations on the new titles for which many thanks!

ACG Collected Works - Forbidden Worlds - Vol 8 - Bookshop


Happily not too many divergences via the art credits as in that volume of AITU where the great Mike Suchorsky was consistently referred to as Emil Gershwin.

ISSUE # 48   The last story is not Bob Jenney,
ISSUE # 49  Camera of Lies is by Tom Hickey
ISSUE # 50  Tandem job by Charles Sultan and Sam Citron while Hydrogen Breathers is by old time great Paul Gustavson not Costanza
ISSUE # 51 ditto for Civil War Mystery…it’s the great Gustavson again; the last one IS Costanza with Dick Beck.
ISSUE # 52  Girl In The Grotto is by Lloyd Cynwald (if there is such a person) whose style resembles Sam Citron


Pre Code Classics - Space Detective - Vol 1 - Bookshop


I think Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. has supplied corrections on this volume, but just in case, issue # 2′s Talesa From The Shadow Squad isn’t HC Kiefer but more likely Dick Beck and George Carl Wilhelms. That’s just my best guess but it’s definitely not HC K.





Roy Thomas Presents - Sheena - Vol 3 - Bookshop


After looking at the SHEENA volumes it is so clear to me that the Iger shop template I wrote and provided for the RULAHs would be the perfect answer to the whole of the PS team having to rely on sketchy sources over who did what.  Here are just a few examples why :

        # Ann Brewster drew the last two SHEENA stoies in issue # 8;

        # Alex Blum is involved on  both # 6 in this volume (Volume 2), and many in Volume  3.

Neither of these artists is mentioned at all in the credits. And David Heames is listed as Dick Heames



God bless and thank you . . . and keep up the great work!



And here are a few passing thoughts from Jim:

ACG Collected Works - Forbidden Worlds - Vol 6 - Bookshop FORBIDDEN WORLDS Vol 6

ISSUE #33 The Corpse That Lived – Sam Citron pencils and inks

ISSUE #35 The Tiny War – Art Gates – pencils and inks

ISSUE #36 The Hypnotic Trance – Charles Nicholas pencils (no Chic Stone involvement)

ISSUE #38 The Identical Twins – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks; Nine Fathoms Deep – Charles Sultan – pencils and inks

ISSUE #39 The Davy Crockett Mystery – Schaffenberger pencils & Pete Costanza inks

ISSUE #41 The Awakening – Schaffenberger pencils & Pete Costanza inks; Someone to Watch Over You – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks; The Records – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks

ISSUE #42 The Man From Ancient Greece – Tom Hickey

ISSUE #43 The Disappearance – Dick Beck pencils; The Old Roman Coin – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks

ISSUE #44 The Man Who Knew Tomorrow – Dick Beck pencils & Pete Costanza inks?; Where The Redskins Never Fell – Dick Beck pencils ; Buried History – Tom Hickey – pencils & inks

ISSUE #45 Congo Episode – Dick Beck pencils & Pete Costanza inks?

Thanks, Jim.


If anyone else out there in PS Land has any suggestions or/and any corrections then do let us know. You’ll be credited in future volumes and Newsletters . . . and who knows—you might even land yourself with a copy of one of our new titles by way of an Eagle-Eye Award.

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Bullpen Bulletins – Forbidden Worlds & Weird Mysteries.

Dear PS

Please forgive the longer than usual absence. Intervening events have continued to keep me from getting to the wonderful new books and computer. But, at last, a window of opportunity, so that at least I can get these art credit updates to you for the three new volumes you so graciously sent me !

First, a question, if I may. Since each volume attributes the art credits to the website, Grand Comics Database, do you have a contact person there, to pass along these additions and corrections to? I sure hope so, as I feel sure they would want to get these entered there. (Because of my eyesight I seldom go to websites, consequently Jim V used to forward to the GCD any credits for comics we’d actually seen. But it’s becoming clear that issues we didn’t see, are coming up with art attributions I feel sure you and they would want to see up dated.

Nice to see Mark Heike doing the intro for Forbidden Worlds Volume 4 ! He and Bill Black have sure done their part in helping to keep before the public the comics of yesteryear, and it was great to finally get to see Mark’s picture after all these years that the AC gang and I have worked on art crediting as well! OK, here goes !

Forbidden Worlds # 19 for July 1953. It’s Dick Beck rather than Frank on the last story.
# 20 Although Art Gates may also be involved with the second story, ‘War Of The Goblins’, the primary artist is Sam Citron.
# 21 Again it’s Dick Beck, There is no Frank Beck that I am aware of.
#22  Now here is an example of why I am hopeful that you have a conduit to the Grand Comics Database folks, as in two cases, someone has attributed art work to Al Wenzel, when in fact the artist as in here on the last story is in actuality Walter Davoren, without a doubt
# 23 Very few people know Bill Walsh’s work, but it’s primarily him on ‘The Thing In The Bottle’.
# 24 Here again, the provider of credits to the GCD has told them Al Wenzel, but in fact, it’s Walter Davoren again.
# 25 I realize the little one pagers don’t get listed, but this one is as you probably already knew due to initals, by Bob Gorgione.

On to Out Of The Night volume 2 (It;s just so great to get to see these books!)
# 7 for March 1953: it’s likely Dick Beck with Paul Gattuso on story number 3. Gattuso was never associated with the Iger Shop as far as I know. Just the Chesler Shop, long gone by this time.
# 8, here the GCD has Dick Beck’s first name correct, so I don’t understand why they let the name be altered to Frank Beck in the earlier art credits, but I do know, all the other art credits are right on from this issue on ! Good work !

Weird Mysteries! So PS is branching out into other publishers! I haven’t much to add for us on this volume, except to note the following:
( 1 ) Someone else drew the girl on the Wolverton credited cover of # 1
( 2 ) Now here’s something truly weird. The second story is credited to Frank Frollo and I can see how one or two panels could’ve led to that guess. But, if you look closely on the splash panel, you will see the initials LW signed. I don’t know Larry Woromay’s art style, but he may be who really drew this,
( 3 ) Issue # 4 must not have had an entry in the GCD since attributions here are mostly “Unknown”, and since most of these are collaborative jobs unsigned I understand why. But hope the following will help:
( a ) Ross Andru definitely involved on the first one
(b ) Hy Fleishman definitely involved on the 2nd one
( c ) Isn’t Tony Mortellaro doing the 3rd one ?
( d ) That’s Edd Smalle for sure on the last one (at times the GCD confuses him with Jon Small but it’s definitely Edd working here (and yes, it’s two d’s in his first name and an e at the end of the second).

Weird Mysteries #5: Once again it’s Edd Smalle and not the Jon Small the GCD has listed and it’s the same for story # 3.
I dunno who’s doing story 4 either , but might be whoever was hiding behind that Loffredo earlier
The last story is definitely Walter Palais, with someone assisting.

Weird Mysteries #6; Here the GCD has Edd Smalle’s name correct, so I guess there just isn’t anyone to make sure that the earlier wrong first names matched up with this correct version.  If, as hoped for, these corrections can be forwarded to someone there, hopefully they can update
with these. I believe the third story is the first appearance of the Morse stalwart E.E.Hughes, with assistance.

And, so my friends, that’s what I am able to send along in the way of art credit addenda, and I hope it is helpful for whatever good purposes it can provide.  My hope is to return at some point with some longer observations and overviews on some of these artists and titles , plus the ones yet to come. Lots of ideas stirring around, that I think you folks will enjoy.  Thank you again for making it all possible !

Gratefully yours

Hames Ware

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Bullpen Bulletin – Adventures Into The Unknown 4

Here is a super collection of observations and additions from PS Fan Hames Ware.

Dear Roy and all the PS Gang!
Thank you so much for the new books to look at. Great job and providing a real boost to comic book history!
And trying to keep that goal always in the forefront, here are some hopefully helpful additions and observations.

I concur with all of Jim’s comments. And I feel so many SULTAN & MORITZ jobs were done in tandem with others, glad to see these type acknowledgements are starting to appear where known and ” ?’s ” where the collaborator is unknown ( So strange to think that no such collaborations seem to occur in pulp art ! ) .Speaking of collaborations, Jim and I have struggled for yerars to try and disentangle GATUSO, GUTWIRTH and APPEL from their latter forties, early fifties collaborative efforts, and Jim mentions seeing NO GATUSO in either the # 16 OZARK WITCHES or in # 18′s PHANTOM PIRATE and I wholly agree, but just to show how I am still struggling with the disentangling process, where Jim thinks it may be G.H. APPEL instead, which I readily see, I find myself also seeing more of MAURICE GUTWIRTH.

Who knows, maybe it’s BOTH of them, but Jim and I both agree. Neither is PAUL GATUSO. Also in #17 agree that PHANTOM FORETOLD is BOB BRICE.( maybe with PETE RISS ? ) and since I seem to have fallen into a collaborative mode of  looking today, Maybe GHOST of NOVA SCOTIA is both him and JENNEY ( suggested no doubt by last panel on page 103 )

With the same eyes for Collaboration in mind, just look at the two MORITZ stories, back to back almost near end of issue # 17 and contrast the differences. Really some of the best inks I have ever seen on MORITZ in the latter !

ISSUE # 18 Last feature length story is credited to PAUL COOPER, yet somehow it looks as much like SAM COOPER to my weary eyes, PLUS the first name MAY be appended and I just can’t see it ! What I have always found puzzling is that NOWHERE in ANY of HUGHES materials that I am aware of (Rate sheets, Address books et al, is PAUL Cooper listed. And though PAUL’S style is definitely differently recognizable from SAM’s, cases like this one is issue # 18 continue to make me wonder !?

Back to collaboration guesses:
In issue # 19, is it not GEORGE KLEIN with AL CAMY on the last one ??



I use exclamation marks, because if this volume of wonderful stuff is any indication, when we get closer in chronology with the AITU volumes, lots of fun ahead, ’cause this volume of FW is chock full of interesting work ! ( Enjoyed Peter’s intro reminiscences. It’s always interesting to hear how those in countries not the US have experienced the comics phenomena ! )

First off KEN BALD’S covers are nearly always a cut above. The lettering on the story titles also seems well done and even inspired at times

In ISSUE # 12 For Jim, I wonder if  ” Natas ” might be collaborating with the ALWAYS collaborating CHAS. NICHOLAS ??
Wish I knew who was doing the little one pager, but alas I can’t figure it out. KING WARD, as with RUDY PALAIS’S cinematic work at HARVEY, KING WARD deserves a special place in ACG annals for work like this one !

Jim once found a close match for the style of the artist you list as UNKNOWN on TOMB of the UNSEEN in the work of an artist named MILT KNOPF.Though I still think Jim may’ve nailed our guy, I think Jim felt it wasn’t conclusive enough, but it has been usefully applied in previous of your volumes, to have listed KNOP, so to be consistent,unless Jim objects, that’s who would seem natural to also be credited for this one I love the work of JON L. BLUMMER ( and again, I guess it’s worth noting in passing that, according to David Saunder’s excellent Pulpartists website, that, like Richard Hughes, Al Camy,Bob Brice, et al was not always the name he used ) and , as an observation, overall I would just like to point out the obvious and say, how well SHADOWS.are employed by KING WARD ( and that may not be HIS real name either ! ) MILTON KNOPF, and JON L, BLUMMER in this issue alone. Really nice jobs ! ( ” KNOPF isn’t in the same league on figure art as the other two, but hard to beat all those shadow rendering, which is no doubt why Hughes continued to use KNOPF, who hardly has any work anywhere else. and if Jim hadn’t turned up the sole piece OUTSIDE of ACG SIGNED no less, we would not have KNOPF at all ( and maybe one of the things that tended to make Jim hesitant a bit WAS the very fact that KNOPF left ALL his ACG work unsigned…as far as we know…I am still scrutinizing those names on tombstone that seem to frequent this unique stylist’s stories ( So far LOB, FL, but no help with those eh ? )

Speaking of sneaks, CHAS. M. QUINLAN loves to letter names on storefronts et al and issue #13 is no exception. Jim and I once found a P.C. ” clearly sneaked in a splash of QUINLAN’s at Hughes Alma Mater PINES comics. I thought maybe PETER COSTANZA might’ve moonlighted on some of CMQ’s stuff since they were also both at FAWCETT. Jerry De Fuccio thought not, but interestingly Pete Costanza does turn up doing work for HUGHES at ACG post Fawcett fold, along with KURT SCHAFFENBERGER.

Of course KEN BALD, CHARLES TOMSEY PETE RISS et al had beaten them there several years previous NOW we come to Issue # 14
I need help from ALL of you on THE AWFUL LETTER art !!! The volume credits this art to a name I have never witnessed ANYWHERE amongst the thousands of artists and comics I have come in contact with over the years of the WHO’S WHO work and Jim and my collaborations. The name of the artist is credited as PAUL RICCIA

I am left to wonder:

( 1 ) WHERE did this name come from ???
( 2 ) If not a legitimate name, is it possible that some GCD contributor thought he was seeing PAUL GUSTAVSON,,,or maybe GUS RICCA’s work and, not being able to decide just formulated a NEW NAME cobbling together those two artists’ names and maybe even adding a dash of PETE RISS and MARIO RIZZI’s names as well ???

This is a dilemma for me because if a name is in a book, it’s gotta be there for a reason, so somebody please help me know HOW this name came to be in the book !

ISSUE # 15
On the first ART GATES is credited solo, I just don’t see. On second, could the two oldtimers BLUMMER & QUINLAN actually be collaborating on this one and isn’t it AL CAMY or BILL WALSH with GEORGE KLEIN on the last one ??

ISSUE # 16
The specific collaborative credit for MORITZ starts here with AL CAMY being listed, but on the next to the last 2 pager MORITZ is listed solo tho this is fairly atypical for him

In ISSUE # 17 MORITZ is given LEO MOREY as a collaborator so it appears this is becoming more the standard. I think MOREY was also one of SULTAN’s collaborators ( not usually noted ) and of course SULTAN’s best work, in my opinion is when SAM CITRON was his collaborator.

Lastly, in ISSUE # 18, I wonder if Jim thinks that DON PERLIN might be a possible for working with CHAS. NICHOLAS ( yet another nom de plume, as we know, this time for CHARLES NICHOLAS WOTJKOSKI, …and on that name and note, I close….thanking you all again for this marvelous opportunity and for being in the forefront of trying to give others the good fun and comic art history in wonderful way !

Best wishes, Hames

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