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Chamber of Chills Volume One Featured in the UK Independent Newspaper…

Chamber of Chills was reviewed bu Christopher Fowler in the 26th September issue of the Independent on Sunday:

In the 1950s, EC Comics adapted horror, science fiction and suspense stories from authors such as Ray Bradbury, and were accused of damaging young minds by Dr Fredric Wertham.

The United States was having one of its periodic piques about the moral disintegration of the nation’s youth, and Wertham described comic books as “bad paper, bad English and bad drawing”. But then, he also thought that Wonder Woman’s independent streak made her a lesbian. Just as parents were having fits about their kids reading pernicious muck, along came Harvey.

Harvey Comics featured Hot Stuff the Little Devil, Little Dot, Casper and Wendy, Sad Sack, and Richie Rich, a grotesquely wealthy blond boy who was forever carting around wheelbarrows full of giant diamonds. But they also had a dirty little secret: they published horror comics, and although the art wasn’t as elegant as EC’s, they had madder stories about killer scorpions and attacking jelly-people and talking shrunken heads. Somewhere in each tale was a screaming blonde in a wired brassiere and complicated corsetry, and a weird use of dated slang. When the hero of Walking Dead had an eye operation, his barman said: “I’m glad the sawbones fixed you up with new peepers.”

In Grave On The Green, a man had a golf ball smash a huge hole in his skull. Further in was the murderer with green gloves crying: “Let the green gloves fill your powerless brain with madness and hatred!”

Where EC could be thoughtful and artistic, Harvey was crass, lurid and hysterical. Hardly a page went by without someone being attacked or going mad. And by some weird accident, they sometimes caught the sense of graveyard-reeking insanity that the great Gothic Victorian writers sought.

Not often, though. Harvey Comics were more interested in killer moths and skeleton cowboys. Nobody in their stories had any redeeming qualities. Men chased after their own weight in gold and hotter women than their nagging wives. Women lied and cheated, or were tied up, drowned, fed to beasts, sold to the Devil, or slowly stripped by mad doctors and killer apes. Kids wanted old hags chucking screaming accountants into open graves, voodoo rituals and half-naked girls screaming “Aieeeee!” as sinister priests bore down on them with big wiggly knives – and that’s what Harvey gave them, courtesy of its anonymous authors. After half a century of invisibility, the whole collection is returning in beautiful slipcased editions from PS Artbooks.

Chamber of Chills Volume One Available to order at and

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Artist Focus: Glenn Chadbourne

Glenn Chadbourne is an American artist living in Newcastle, Maine. Born in October 1959, Glenn was an only child with no other kids to play with nearby when growing up, so he would draw to entertain himself.

Best known for his work in the horror and fantasy genre, he attended Lincoln Academy before continuing his education at The Portland School of Art. Glenn later attended the University of Maine at Augusta as well as the University of Southern Maine.

His first published work was in the 1980′s for Castle Rock which was a Stephen King related  newsletter.

Comics ChillVille and Farmer Fiend’s Horror Harvest were illustrated, written and self published by Glenn in the early 1990′s but unfortunately weren’t a success. A chance meeting with Rick Hautala in a local Border’s store led Glenn to illustrate a collection of short stories called Bedbugs. It was with this publication that Glenn formed a relationship with Cemetery Dance Productions and went on to draw and paint artworks for a variety of their books, comics and magazines.

As Glenn’s work got noticed he started to create pieces for other publishers and so far has created work for over 50 books – one of the most notable being for Stephen King’s Secretary of Dreams. The first volume took over two years to complete – with Glenn enjoying every second of it and is currently working on Volume Two.

Glenn has kindly created various pieces for our projects. Harvey Horrors Chamber of Chills Volume One features an exclusive  illustration of Joe Hill available with the Slipcase Edition – find out more at . Also available is a re-imagined cover of Issue 2 of Adventures Into The Unknown in the first slip-cased volume of the ACG Adentures Collected Works as a limited edition print signed by Glenn . – find out more at

Both titles are available exclusively to order at Take a look at some of Glenn’s work at

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