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PS Artbooks at London Super Comic Convention 2012


PS Artbooks are proud to be attending the the UK’s newest comic book convention, the inaugural London Super Comic Convention which will take place at the Excel Centre in London on 25th-26th February 2012.

Many of the guests are some of the biggest names to have worked for the comic industry, including Stan Lee, Brian Bolland, John McCrea, Duncan Fegredo, Paul Cornell, Sean Phillips, Nick Percival and Mike Carey.

We will be showcasing our range of comic reprint titles such as our Harvey Horror Collected Works , and ACG Collected Works. Some exclusive brand new titles will also be on view and also we will announcing some forthcoming titles -  so if you are in London that weekend come along and see us. Day passes are £15 for either the Saturday or Sunday or a full weekend pass £25 – Both can be ordered from

We had hoped that our newly appointed series consultant Roy Thomas would make it to the event but unfortunately is unable to attend. We hope to get Roy across to the UK in the very near future.

Full details of the London Super Comic Convention (L.S.C.C) can be found at

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Roy Thomas Joins PS Artbooks!

PS, the UK’s multiple award-winning publishing company, today announced the appointment of legendary comics writer/editor Roy Thomas to the position of Series Consultant for the company’s specialist comicbook line, PS Artbooks.

Although his Marvel Comics writing debut was the story “Whom Can I Turn To?” in the Millie the Model spin-off Modeling with Millie (1965), Roy Thomas soon established himself fully with stints on The X Men, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Sub-Mariner and Daredevil. But it was perhaps the groundbreaking, brave and even audacious idea of introducing Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian to four-color fandom that will forever cement Thomas firmly in the minds of comic-readers (and moviegoers!) the world over: certainly the first 24 issues of the Marvel comic with Barry Smith holding the artwork reins are widely considered as indispensible.

Since 1964 Thomas has edited and produced the much-loved and highly respected fanzine Alter Ego, the Bible of the comicbook field for new and old readers alike (picking up an Eisner Award for the magazine in 2007), and he became Stan Lee’s first successor to the post of Marvel Comics’ Editor-In-Chief. He is the recipient of the Alley Award (1969) and the Shazam Award (three times: 1971, 1973 and 1974) and he was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2011.

“I was delighted to discover PS Artbooks’ ambitious reprint programme,” he says, “making available again some of the finest and most influential comicbooks of the pre-Comics Code years and after. And, following an extensive and excitable exchange of letters with Peter Crowther, PS head honcho, I was thrilled when he asked if I would serve as Series Consultant on the entire line.

“Peter and his business partner in the venture, Paul Stephenson have great plans for many titles in the months and years ahead and I’ll be working closely with them to facilitate various peripheral opportunities and developments along the way. Already I’m suggesting titles they may consider and they’re being very receptive. As they say, watch this space!”

PS Artbooks has already produced the first volumes of the old Harvey horror magazines Chamber Of Chills, Witches Tales and Tomb Of Terror and the influential ACG titles Adventures Into The Unknown (the very first horror story anthology comic) and Forbidden Worlds. Next up is volume one of Harvey’s Black Cat Mystery, the second volumes of the two ACG titles and some further titles we shall be announcing soonish!

A lifelong fan of comics, PS founder Peter Crowther is openly critical of the current fashion of ‘slabbing’, sealing comic magazines behind plastic and then selling them on at multiples of guide value. “I’m sick and tired of having to pay ridiculous amounts of money just so I can read stories that appeared before I was born,” he says. “All of Dickens’s work is readily available at easily affordable prices, as are Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad and, frankly, the great comicbooks of bygone years are of equal importance. Will Eisner’s Spirit tales (thankfully reprinted by DC Comics), the various Archie family of magazines (from Dark Horse and IDW) and DC’s Chronicles, Showcase and Archives series plus Marvel Masterworks are all showing the way forward for the industry . . . but, with the possible exception of Craig Yoe’s work for his Yoe! Books, the more obscure and esoteric titles are getting overlooked time after time. I’ve read and enjoyed Roy’s work in the field for many years and, with his help, we’re aiming to redress the balance. And then some!”

Over it’s fifteen-year life, PS has worked extensively with giants in the field of speculative fiction (Brian Aldiss, Ray Bradbury, Ramsey Campbell, Arthur C. Clarke, Steven Erikson, Joe Hill, Stephen Jones, Stephen King and many others) producing more than two hundred titles in desirable and collectible volumes, many of them signed and slipcased/traycased. In spring 2010 the company launched Stanza Press, a new imprint dedicated to poetry, and the first PS Artbooks title–Tomorrow Revisited, a celebration of the life and work of Dan Dare creator Frank Hampson–appeared later that same year.

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Black Cat Mystery – Volume 1 – Now Available For Pre-Order!

Launched in the 1950′s The Black Cat Mystery later evolved into the Black Cat, The Black Cat Western and The Black Cat Mystic. We’ve collected the Mystery titles together here for the first time in this unique 4 volume collection. Each contains between 5 – 6 issues digitally enhanced and faithfully reproduced.

Due to be published for March 2012, Volume One features a special introduction from award-winning author of several novels and hundreds of short stories Christopher Fowler and a specially commissioned illustration by renowned artist Graham Humphreys. Not forgetting the original comics painstakingly restored from original source material! Issues included in this Volume are issues 30-35 from August 1951- May 1952

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across 3 editions this book is available to order through either or

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