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Out Of The Night – Volume 1 – Now Available For Pre-Order…

Ah, those were the days, when America’s comicbook racks and spinners were full to bursting with a wealth of gaudily coloured classics boasting vampires, cannibalistic aliens and bloated corpses.

Here, from the heyday of the American Comics Group (ACG)  comes Out of the Night . . .PS Artbook’s latest entry in its ambitious programme.

Get the door locked and leave the lights on…

That sound akin to the wind in the grate could be something else . . . something entirely different.

Tales of the daring and supernatural featuring Issues 1-6 from February/March 1952 to January 1953.  Featuring an essay by ex-Marvel Comics’ Editor-In-Chief and our new-ish Series Consultant Roy Thomas, this first volume has been meticulously compiled from the original source material and painstakingly digitally restored.

Available In Two Frightful Editions This June

Now available for order! 
Limited to just 2000 copies worldwide  and split across 2 editions this book is available to order through either or

Limited Slipcase Edition
ISBN: 978-1-84863-328-5

  • 248 page full colour hardback book.
  • Full colour slipcase featuring restored cover of Issue One. When the collection is complete the spines will display full “Out Of The Night” Logo Graphic.
  • Limited to 300 copies worldwide

Standard Bookshop Edition
ISBN: 9978-1-84863-327-8

  • 248 page full colour hardback book.
  • Limited to 1700 copies worldwide.

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