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Four Titles Available This Month – Planet Comics Vol 1, Frankenstein Vol 3, Adventures Into The Unknown Vol 5, Chamber Of Chills Softie Vol 4


We worked hard on the PS volume of Planet Comics but when we got the finished item, it wasn’t good. We spent a few hours trying to convince ourselves we were just being picky . . . telling each other it was okay really . . . and then we went home and didn’t sleep. The following day, we trashed all the copies and recalled all the trade orders that had already been dispatched. Although a few rogue copies did get out there (collectors’ items for sure!), we’d made up our minds to reprint the entire run . . . and it was going to be glorious. Within a couple of days more, after lengthy investigations, we went out and bought a complete run of the book in wonderful condition (boy, the checkbook took a hammering that day, I can tell ya!) and we scanned in every single page, whether story or ad. Then we spent further riches and time cleaning them up still more. The result is outstanding. But, hey . . . don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself. With these Planet volumes stacking up ahead of us for a fair distance, PS is truly reaching for the stars. So buckle up and press the start button: next stop Alpha Centauri!

Did you receive a rogue copy that slipped out?
As a few rogue copies slipped out to folks who ordered through the website we’d like anyone who’s received a copy to tear out the title page—keep the rest of the book (heck, Chauncy . . . we don’t need any of the damned things without having yours as well!)—and send the page along to me at:


Be sure to include your name and address. Then we’ll send a copy of the revised and reprinted version as soon as it’s in from the printers. If you’ve got any questions, then go ahead and call us on + (0) 1964 537575 or email us . Who knows . . . we might even have some answers!

About Planet Comics – Volume One…

Long before Star Wars, there was Planet Comics, home to a veritable parade of steely-jawed interstellar adventures and some of the most gorgeous damsels in distress you could ever with to find. More than fifty years since Planet closed up shop. We are making the whole run available again from the original groundbreaking awe-filled Planet Comics that appeared from Fiction House over a thirteen-year period ending in 1953. They’re all here . . . Flint Baker, Reef Ryan, The Space Rangers, Gale Allen, Star Pirate, Mysta of the Moon, Norge Benson plus many more AND a bevy of the most scantily-clad females you’re likely to see outside of Silvio Dante’s Bada Bing strip joint in The Sopranos.

Due to be published for September 2013, this first volume brings together January 1940 to April 1940 issues 1-4. Presented by our very own Roy Thomas this title features a brand new introduction by American comic book artist Carmine Infantino!  A special limited slipcased edition of just 125 copies comes complete with a very special limited edition illustration, signed by Carmine Infantino.

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across two editions, this book is available to order through


ISBN: 978-1-84863-462-6
125 copies in full colour slipcase
Due to unprecedented demand the slipcase edition sold out almost immediately on the first run.
Please check with your Diamond Distribution supplied comic shop who may be able to source a copy for you.


ISBN: 978-1-84863-607-1
1875 bookshop copies available. Unsigned Book only. 288 Pages
Demand for this book is high so don’t delay – order today!


he second goof in our brace of hassles (though not, this time, of our own doing) concerns everybody’s favourite stitch-up good-time guy, Frankenstein (well, to be accurate, it’s Frankenstein’s creation, of course). It turns out that some of the early issues of Dick Briefer’s wonderful creation are harder to find than a perfectly square piece of sand on your local beach. And then some. In addition to our resident Skip Tracer, Roy ‘Bring ‘em back alive Thomas, we’ve had lots of fantastic helpers looking for issues of Prize Comics containing the start of the Briefer run but, so far, with only limited success. So we figured, instead of holding up the proceedings, we’d start out with volume 3 which contains issues 1 through 5 of the actual Frankenstein book. The earlier yarns will come along as soon as we get our greasy mitts on ‘em. And if you know of the whereabouts of any copies of Prize containing Frankie then drop us a line at If the info leads to a success then, hey . . . you’ll get a mention in dispatches and a copy of the finished book.

About Frankenstein Volume 3
Writer/Artist Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein for Prize Comics is widely regarded as being America’s first ongoing horror series. Indeed, it was Briefer’s work that probably caused the creature to be actually named as Frankenstein instead of the nameless monstrosity from Shelley’s novel. Splitting the stories between two stools—humor and horror—Briefer’s tales are absorbing and unsettling in equal parts. Some of the humorous material has already been reprinted, though not necessarily in order nor in total. Until now, of course!

Due to be published for September 2013, Volume Three features a special introduction from original writer and illustrator Dick Briefer. Not forgetting the original comics painstakingly restored from original source material! Issues included in this Volume are Issues from 1945 to November / December 1946.

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across 2 editions this book is available to order through



ISBN: 978-1-84863-632-3
Housed in full colour slipcase and limited to 300 copies worldwide.
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£44.99/$69.99]



ISBN: 978-1-84863-631-6
1700 unsigned bookshop copies available.
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£32.99/$49.99]


Ah, they were truly the best of times. Forget the rest. Richard Hughes’s groundbreaking Adventures Into The Unknown, the world’s first anthology-title boldly stepped where no comicbook had gone before. And now, hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed and hugely popular Harvey Horrors series, those lovely folks at PS Artbooks are making them all available again . . . along with ACG’s other much-loved titles–and this time in state-of-the-art hardcover volumes containing five toseven issues apiece. This is going to be one hell of a journey: come make it with us as we travel together through some of the most memorable comicbooks of all time..

About Adventures Into The Unknown – Volume Five…
Weird, Mysterious and Spine-tingling stories featuring issues 21-25 from July 1951 to November 1951 of the ACG classic Adventures Into The Unknown. Featuring an essay by Malcolm Poynter, this fifth volume has been meticulously compiled from the original source material and painstakingly digitally restored.

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across two editions, this book is available to order through either or



ISBN: 978-1-84863-590-6
300 copies in full colour slipcase
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£39.99/$62.99]

ISBN: 978-1-84863-589-0
1700 bookshop copies available. Unsigned Book only. 288 Pages
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£29.99/$47.99]
You talk and we listen…Continuing our first foray into Trade Paperback Editions comes the fourth installment of nightmarish yarns culled from the pages of Harvey’s Chamber of Chills.Due to be published late September 2013, were making available the whole run of Chamber Of Chills available in a run of sumptuous softcovers, each volume containing five comicbooks but without the support material featured in the hardbacks.Featuring Issues 16-20 from March 1953 – November 1953 these are gloriously printed on comic book-esque paper complete with glossy inserts for the covers. These are the closest thing to reading the original comics from back in the 1950s.About Harvey Horrors Witches Tales Softie Volume Four:

ISBN: 978-1-84863-610-1
Pages: 180 pages
Limited to 2000 copies worldwide.
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£14.99/$24.99]

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