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Bullpen Bulletins – Forbidden Worlds & Weird Mysteries.

Dear PS

Please forgive the longer than usual absence. Intervening events have continued to keep me from getting to the wonderful new books and computer. But, at last, a window of opportunity, so that at least I can get these art credit updates to you for the three new volumes you so graciously sent me !

First, a question, if I may. Since each volume attributes the art credits to the website, Grand Comics Database, do you have a contact person there, to pass along these additions and corrections to? I sure hope so, as I feel sure they would want to get these entered there. (Because of my eyesight I seldom go to websites, consequently Jim V used to forward to the GCD any credits for comics we’d actually seen. But it’s becoming clear that issues we didn’t see, are coming up with art attributions I feel sure you and they would want to see up dated.

Nice to see Mark Heike doing the intro for Forbidden Worlds Volume 4 ! He and Bill Black have sure done their part in helping to keep before the public the comics of yesteryear, and it was great to finally get to see Mark’s picture after all these years that the AC gang and I have worked on art crediting as well! OK, here goes !

Forbidden Worlds # 19 for July 1953. It’s Dick Beck rather than Frank on the last story.
# 20 Although Art Gates may also be involved with the second story, ‘War Of The Goblins’, the primary artist is Sam Citron.
# 21 Again it’s Dick Beck, There is no Frank Beck that I am aware of.
#22  Now here is an example of why I am hopeful that you have a conduit to the Grand Comics Database folks, as in two cases, someone has attributed art work to Al Wenzel, when in fact the artist as in here on the last story is in actuality Walter Davoren, without a doubt
# 23 Very few people know Bill Walsh’s work, but it’s primarily him on ‘The Thing In The Bottle’.
# 24 Here again, the provider of credits to the GCD has told them Al Wenzel, but in fact, it’s Walter Davoren again.
# 25 I realize the little one pagers don’t get listed, but this one is as you probably already knew due to initals, by Bob Gorgione.

On to Out Of The Night volume 2 (It;s just so great to get to see these books!)
# 7 for March 1953: it’s likely Dick Beck with Paul Gattuso on story number 3. Gattuso was never associated with the Iger Shop as far as I know. Just the Chesler Shop, long gone by this time.
# 8, here the GCD has Dick Beck’s first name correct, so I don’t understand why they let the name be altered to Frank Beck in the earlier art credits, but I do know, all the other art credits are right on from this issue on ! Good work !

Weird Mysteries! So PS is branching out into other publishers! I haven’t much to add for us on this volume, except to note the following:
( 1 ) Someone else drew the girl on the Wolverton credited cover of # 1
( 2 ) Now here’s something truly weird. The second story is credited to Frank Frollo and I can see how one or two panels could’ve led to that guess. But, if you look closely on the splash panel, you will see the initials LW signed. I don’t know Larry Woromay’s art style, but he may be who really drew this,
( 3 ) Issue # 4 must not have had an entry in the GCD since attributions here are mostly “Unknown”, and since most of these are collaborative jobs unsigned I understand why. But hope the following will help:
( a ) Ross Andru definitely involved on the first one
(b ) Hy Fleishman definitely involved on the 2nd one
( c ) Isn’t Tony Mortellaro doing the 3rd one ?
( d ) That’s Edd Smalle for sure on the last one (at times the GCD confuses him with Jon Small but it’s definitely Edd working here (and yes, it’s two d’s in his first name and an e at the end of the second).

Weird Mysteries #5: Once again it’s Edd Smalle and not the Jon Small the GCD has listed and it’s the same for story # 3.
I dunno who’s doing story 4 either , but might be whoever was hiding behind that Loffredo earlier
The last story is definitely Walter Palais, with someone assisting.

Weird Mysteries #6; Here the GCD has Edd Smalle’s name correct, so I guess there just isn’t anyone to make sure that the earlier wrong first names matched up with this correct version.  If, as hoped for, these corrections can be forwarded to someone there, hopefully they can update
with these. I believe the third story is the first appearance of the Morse stalwart E.E.Hughes, with assistance.

And, so my friends, that’s what I am able to send along in the way of art credit addenda, and I hope it is helpful for whatever good purposes it can provide.  My hope is to return at some point with some longer observations and overviews on some of these artists and titles , plus the ones yet to come. Lots of ideas stirring around, that I think you folks will enjoy.  Thank you again for making it all possible !

Gratefully yours

Hames Ware

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This exclusive 3 volume set features the entire run of Classic Phantom Lady all collected together in a full colour slipcase. Printed on comicbook-esque paper complete with glossy inserts for the covers these are the closest thing to reading the original comics from back in the 1950s. Featuring a brand new story in FULL COLOUR that was only in black and white in the hardback edition this is the ultimate collection for Phantom Lady fans.

Containing the stories from the following issues:
August 1941 to July 1955
Police Comic Issues 1 – 23 (Quality Comic Group)
Fox Feature Syndicates Publications – Phantom Lady 13 – 23
All Top Comics Issues 8 -17
AJAX / Farrell Publications – Phantom Lady 1 – 4
Wonder Boy Issues 17 & 18


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