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February Update – Weird Mysteries 2, Black Cat Mystery 4, Witches Tales Softie 4

Weird-Mysteries-V2Just when you thought it was safe to open your emails once again cos you figured you knew what was coming . . . here comes that doyen of depravity PS Artbooks once again with a new sideline (namely PRE-CODE CLASSICS) and lots more tales guaranteed to turn your brain into total mush. Hey, maybe Fred Wertham was right . . . certainly by looking at the line-ups in these six comicsmags. Read ‘em and weep, culture-lovers . . . and rest assured there’s more where these came from. Brrr . . . did someone open that door? I was sure I clos- Aaarrrggghhhh!

About Weird Mysteries – Volume Two…
Weird, Mysterious and Spine-tingling stories featuring Issues 7 – 12 from October 1953 – September 1954 of the Key Publications classic Weird Mysteries. Featuring an essay by James Heath Lantz, this second volume has been meticulously compiled from the original source material and painstakingly digitally restored.

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across two editions, this book is available to order through


ISBN: 978-1-84863-665-1
300 copies in full colour slipcase
Order the slipcase edition directly from PS Publishing [£44.99/$69.99] – here


WM-2-BSISBN: 978-1-84863-643-1
1700 bookshop copies available. Unsigned Book only. 288 Pages
Order the bookshop edition directly from PS Publishing [£29.99/$47.99] – here


Are you ready to read these tales of fear and superstition from this classic title?

Harvey Horrors originally published 18 issues of the Black Cat Mystery  in the 1950′s. Now for the first time PS Artbooks have collected together all the pre-code titles in an exclusive four volume set.

About Black Cat Mystery – Volume Four…
Due to be published for March 2014, Volume Four features a special introduction from David Tosh. Not forgetting the original comics painstakingly restored from original source material! Issues included in this Volume are Issues 48-53 from February  – December 1954.

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across 3 editions this book is available to order through either or

26 lettered leatherbound gold foiled traycased deluxe copies exclusively signed by David Tosh and Mark Stokes. Mark was specially commissioned to create a exclusive illustration of David which has been included as a limited edition print As an added extra you will also receive a copy of the slipcase edition as part of the package at no extra cost!


ISBN: 978-1-84863-551-7
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£249.99/$399]



ISBN: 978-1-84863-550-0
300 slipcased copies signed by David Tosh
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£69.99/$112]



ISBN: 978-1-84863-549-4
1674 unsigned bookshop copies available.
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£29.99/$47.99]


You talk and we listen…

Hot off the heals of our first foray into Trade Paperback Editions comes the third installment of nightmarish yarns culled from the pages of Harvey’s Witches Tales.

Due to be published late March 2014, were making available the whole run of Witches Tales available in a run of sumptuous softcovers, each volume containing five comicbooks but without the support material featured in the hardbacks.

Featuring Issues 17-22 from February 1953 – December 1953 these are gloriously printed on comic book-esque paper complete with glossy inserts for the covers. These are the closest thing to reading the original comics from back in the 1950s.

About Harvey Horrors Witches Tales Softie Volume Four:


ISBN: 978-1-84863-642-2
Pages: 180 pages
Limited to 2000 copies worldwide.
Click here to buy the book directly from PS Publishing [£14.99/$24.99]
Before you go…Oh, and one more thing, folks. Old Eagle-Eye Thomas has spotted this week’s deliberate mistake in the ad for the slipcased edition of THE HEAP which we put together for Alter Ego. What’s *Alter Ego* you ask? Hey, come on now . . . you can’t be a comicbook fan if you don’t subscribe to *Alter Ego*: go here and make things right before we have to send someone round to straighten you out:

Anyway, Rob and Mike have made the necessary amends: now all we gotta do is send a little “Well done Mister Thomas” prize to Roy! Sheesh!

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