Roy Thomas Presents…Planet Comics Volume 1. Product Update

The first volume of our Planet Comics reprint programme didn’t quite cut it reproduction-wise so, hey . . . what’re we gonna do? Why, we’re gonna reprint it, of course! (Sob, moan, yelp!) Yeah, the fact is, the finished result—which we passed on proof (see that bat? could you just wrap it around my head a coupla times? ah, that’s better. thanks!)—didn’t reach the dizzy heights we (and you folks!) have come to expect from PS, so, truth be told, it was an easy decision to make.

Thus we’ve pulled all the copies off the shelves and they’ll be destroyed next week—just a shame we missed Bonfire Night. We also called Diamond/Previews and told them to deep-six their entire order as soon as it arrives in the US and not send any copies out to the stores. Meanwhile, we’re now busy buying up better condition copies of the original comic so the new version is gonna be a sight to behold. But, boy . . . I have to tell you that those are expensive books! And then some! Hoo eee!

Anyway, we’ve aiming to reprint close to Christmas and the estimate for delivery is May . . . not long before Planet volume 2 (now re-scheduled for June) and even Planet volume 3 (July).

So, here’s what’s going to happen next. First off, we won’t be accepting orders for Planet volume 1 any longer. By the time you read this, Mike will have taken down the order page and he’ll be re-instating it when we’re in sight of the delivery date of the reprint. However, we’ve sent out several copies direct to folks who ordered through the website so I’d like for anyone who’s received a copy to tear out the title page—keep the rest of the book (heck, Chauncy . . . we’ve got enough of the damned things without yours as well!)—and send the page along to me at:


Be sure to include your name and address. Then I’ll send a copy of the revised and reprinted version as soon as it’s in from the printers. If you’ve got any questions, then go ahead and call us on ++ (0) 1964 537575. Who knows . . . we might even have some answers!

Phew! These things happen from time to time but they sure do bring with them a whole passle of pain! Thus The Heap‘s arrival was timely to say the least. It’s a gorgeous book and fans of these wonderful old titles will be in Seventh Heaven.

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