Bullpen Bulletins: January 2015

Hi folks. Hames Ware and Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr, our resident Gurus of all things panelological (new word—yay!), had a few things to say about some of our most recent titles so we’re sharing them with PS-dom assembled.  Over to you, Guys! Keep up the fab work!

Dear PS

Here are a few observations on the new titles for which many thanks!

ACG Collected Works - Forbidden Worlds - Vol 8 - Bookshop


Happily not too many divergences via the art credits as in that volume of AITU where the great Mike Suchorsky was consistently referred to as Emil Gershwin.

ISSUE # 48   The last story is not Bob Jenney,
ISSUE # 49  Camera of Lies is by Tom Hickey
ISSUE # 50  Tandem job by Charles Sultan and Sam Citron while Hydrogen Breathers is by old time great Paul Gustavson not Costanza
ISSUE # 51 ditto for Civil War Mystery…it’s the great Gustavson again; the last one IS Costanza with Dick Beck.
ISSUE # 52  Girl In The Grotto is by Lloyd Cynwald (if there is such a person) whose style resembles Sam Citron


Pre Code Classics - Space Detective - Vol 1 - Bookshop


I think Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. has supplied corrections on this volume, but just in case, issue # 2′s Talesa From The Shadow Squad isn’t HC Kiefer but more likely Dick Beck and George Carl Wilhelms. That’s just my best guess but it’s definitely not HC K.





Roy Thomas Presents - Sheena - Vol 3 - Bookshop


After looking at the SHEENA volumes it is so clear to me that the Iger shop template I wrote and provided for the RULAHs would be the perfect answer to the whole of the PS team having to rely on sketchy sources over who did what.  Here are just a few examples why :

        # Ann Brewster drew the last two SHEENA stoies in issue # 8;

        # Alex Blum is involved on  both # 6 in this volume (Volume 2), and many in Volume  3.

Neither of these artists is mentioned at all in the credits. And David Heames is listed as Dick Heames



God bless and thank you . . . and keep up the great work!



And here are a few passing thoughts from Jim:

ACG Collected Works - Forbidden Worlds - Vol 6 - Bookshop FORBIDDEN WORLDS Vol 6

ISSUE #33 The Corpse That Lived – Sam Citron pencils and inks

ISSUE #35 The Tiny War – Art Gates – pencils and inks

ISSUE #36 The Hypnotic Trance – Charles Nicholas pencils (no Chic Stone involvement)

ISSUE #38 The Identical Twins – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks; Nine Fathoms Deep – Charles Sultan – pencils and inks

ISSUE #39 The Davy Crockett Mystery – Schaffenberger pencils & Pete Costanza inks

ISSUE #41 The Awakening – Schaffenberger pencils & Pete Costanza inks; Someone to Watch Over You – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks; The Records – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks

ISSUE #42 The Man From Ancient Greece – Tom Hickey

ISSUE #43 The Disappearance – Dick Beck pencils; The Old Roman Coin – Mike Suchorsky – pencils and inks

ISSUE #44 The Man Who Knew Tomorrow – Dick Beck pencils & Pete Costanza inks?; Where The Redskins Never Fell – Dick Beck pencils ; Buried History – Tom Hickey – pencils & inks

ISSUE #45 Congo Episode – Dick Beck pencils & Pete Costanza inks?

Thanks, Jim.


If anyone else out there in PS Land has any suggestions or/and any corrections then do let us know. You’ll be credited in future volumes and Newsletters . . . and who knows—you might even land yourself with a copy of one of our new titles by way of an Eagle-Eye Award.

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