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Beware! (Youthful Publications)

Beware! Terror Tales

PHANTOM WITCH DOCTOR 1952 from Avon Magazines by Everett Raymond Kinstler who’s fantastical sketch-like illustrations show a grace and movement marvelously compliment the cover of BEWARE Vol 1 SOFTEE from Youthful (also known as Youthful Magazines). The story tells of how George Harcourt (British East Africa commissioner); murders M'Basi (witch doctor) and Naba (M'Basi's daughter) to acquire their ivory cache. Twenty-five years later, M'Basi and Naba return as phantoms to crush his son under tons of ivory.

And there’s even more with the added bonus of NIGHT OF MYSTERY 1953 - John Mason leaves behind a diary detailing how he tried to help his friend Bob Trant who was a roaming monster, but there is no sign of Mason to be found? . . .

Beware! (Youthful Publications) - Volume One

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

Trade Paperback Edition


This first volume features the Youthful Publications issues of 'Beware! Terror Tales', 10 – 12 June 1952 to October 1952. Also features Bonus Avon editions of Phantom Witch Doctor from 1952 and Night of Mystery from 1953.

June 2020

184 Pages



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