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CLASSIC ADVENTURE COMICS from PS Artbooks is just like those old Saturday morning cinema clubs - I mean just take a look - there's the Son of Sinbad securing the release of the slave girl and recovering a fortune in gems and jewels in the process. Daring exploits of US foreign agents during the Cold War in Secret Missions, and The Mask of Dr. Fu Manchu, and High Adventure and Great Exploits! All reproduced completely from cover to cover - just like the original comic, featuring some of the best comic book talent - including Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Wally Wood, Alvin Hollingsworth, Bernie Krigstein, Frank Borth, Art Peddy, Morris Waldinger and Enrico Bagnoli.

Spine Tingling Tales of Perils! Passions! Plunder! Menace! Intrigue! Mystery! Lights! Camera! Action! I’m right back there at that picture house!

Classic Adventure Comics - Volume One

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

Trade Paperback Edition


This first volume features the following issues:

● Son of Sinbad #1 / St John - 1950

● Secret Missions #1 / St John - 1950

● The Mark of Dr. Fu Manchu / Avon - 1951

● High Adventure #1 / Decker - 1951

● Great Exploits #1 / Decker - 1957

January 2021

184 Pages



Classic Adventure Comics - Volume Two

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

Trade Paperback Edition


This second volume features the following issues:

● A Feature Presentation - The Black Tarantula #5 / Fox - 1950

● Moby Dick #6 / Fox - 1950

● King Solomon's Mines #1 / Avon - 1951

● Jack The Giant Killer / Bimfort - 1953

● The Invisible Man #1 / Nesbit Superior Stories - 1955

April 2021

184 Pages



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