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Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds

Beware! Terror Tales

Courtesy of the Traveler’s creator, Steve Ditko, this title beat pretty much everything else on the oldcreaking metal comicbook spinners. What it may have lacked in the comicbook equivalent of $100M SFX budgets, the Mysterious Traveler made up for it with sheer class, style and out ‘n out pizzazz and charm.

A clear inspiration to the hugely popular AMAZING ADULT FANTASY, the Mysterious Traveler is surely the original ‘adult’ comic and the one that’s still—with these sumptuous hardcover four-colour volumes worth a deep read.

Artists include Dick Giordano, Charles Nicholas, Steve Ditko, Tony Tallarico. Bill Molno. Howard Boughner, Maurice Whitman, Rocco Mastroserio and Paul Reinman.

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds - Volume One

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

Trade Paperback Edition


This first volume features the Charlton issues of 'Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds' from issues 1-5 from Augusy 1956 - October 1957.

March 2021

184 Pages



Please note: This product is not in stock but available to pre-order. This title is expected to arrive from our printers March 2021.

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