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Space Man

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DRIFT MARLO ran security at the 1st. Strategic Aerospace Division (SAD) at a major U.S. space centre, where he helped prevent interference into America's space program, often by a rival foreign power !?! SPACE MAN was rocket ace Ian Stannard who was accompanied by his 14-year-old sidekick, Space Academy student Johnny Mack. They blasted off from Cape Canaveral in their space ship, the Flyin' Jenny II. There mission was to find and destroy what had prevented Moon exploration for the last decade. After succeeding, they continue to explore the depths of space, along with Ian's girlfriend, the famous pilot Mary Lansing. And they’re here from PS Artbooks, reproduced completely from cover to cover as they should be - just like the original comic!

Space Man - Volume One

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

Trade Paperback Edition


This first volume features the Dell issues of 'Space Man' issues 1 [Four Colour #1253] - 4 January/March 1962 - May/July 1963. Plus bonus issue of Dell title Drift Marlo #1 May/July 1962.

May 2021

184 Pages



Please note: This product is not in stock but available to pre-order. This title is expected to arrive from our printers May 2021.

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