The Process


A PS Artbooks publication is inspired, and each started with a seed of an idea. The seed can be planted from any number of people from within or outside PS Artbooks. The next question is asked....

Just how does PS Artbooks take the planted seed and make it grow, harvest and deliver it to all the hungry eyes of the Artbook and Sequential Art marketplace?

These next three steps will hopefully tell you the story…

1. Restoration

The biggest and most time consuming task in creating our publications is finding the best source material to use. Using our ring of collectors and "people in the know" we hunt down items that are suitable for us to use.

For our books we always use the original issues rather than reproductions for authenticity. Once the issue/image/artwork bank has been created we then set to and start restoring the imagery ready for print.

We choose not to re-colour the images as we feel this gives a completely different atmosphere and a fake look or feeling. We do however "repair" colours that have faded over time and also digitally repair any visual anomalies such as splashes, tears and other artifacts that have appeared - nothing is perfect if you're 40+ years old!!


2. Content & Design

Using the latest design software great care and attention to detail is used for creating a PS Artbook. Designs are contemporary but are authentic when sat next to the subject matter.

A lot of time is spent researching and validating information for the books. We are very proud to have exclusive essays written by renowned authors for our publications and also not forgetting the wealth of artists that have created special artworks for high-end publications!

Content and Design

3. Printing

Now we've designed the perfect printed piece. We now you need to put it on paper. Which paper? We take time and care to select a paper that suits the subject matter...

For our informative Artbooks we choose a high quality satin paper that really brings out the colour in the imagery and give the reader a real sense of quality when holding the book.

For our "collected works" editions we choose a paper that will do two things: Give the best vibrant colour but will also mimic the original texture that the original publication was printed on back in the day.

All our editions are hardbacked so they stand the test of time. For our exclusive traycased editions a quality leather is used so the book and its items are protected to a maximum.

For our "Trade Paperback Editions" or "Softies" the interiors are printed on matt art stock and the covers on glossy material. Just like a real comic!


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