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Horror From The Tomb

Eerie Tales

This is Premier’s only entry into the pre-code horror field, and boy is it a deusy! People melted down for their bones, beheadings, all the things Wretham was so aghast over! It’s the only issue in the series as it was killed by the distributor’s (Kable News) Pesident, George B. Davis, after he saw the issue.

He incorrectly said the title was “Tomb Horror” in his testimony at the Senate Subcommittee Hearings into Juvenile Delinquency, June 4 1954. But like all good horror stories it quickly morphed and continued in the guise of Premier’s long-vanished Mysterious Stories still available from PS Artbooks.

All packed with a rattling collection of not-so-cuddly corpses and damsels in distress and featuring such writers and artists as George Woodbridge, Angelo Torres, John D'Agostino, Cal Massey and Mannie Banks, just make sure the door’s locked when you start reading this little horror! . .

Horror From The Tomb

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

This single issue covers the PREMIER MAGAZINES title HORROR FROM THE TOMB #1 from September 1954.

January 2021

36 Pages



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