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Rex Dexter of Mars

Rex Dexter of Mars

Featuring artwork by DICK BREIFER

In 1939, Montague Dexter built a rocket ship for that year's World Fair and to demonstrate that it works, he and his wife took off and flew to Mars. Unfortunately, the ship crashed as soon as it reached the red planet. He spent the next sixty one years trying to repair the ship. By that point, he and his wife were far too old to handle the rigors of space travel. But their son, REX DEXTER, was young and fit and he piloted his parent's space ship back home. Earth at the turn of the millennium was much more advanced than the world his parents left behind. Rex didn't have much time to adjust, as the United States came under attack from a mad scientist holed up in Europe, which had been reduced to a radioactive wasteland.

Helping the American military repel the invasion. REX DEXTER decided from that point on to protect Earth from alien and terrestrial menaces..

Rex Dexter of Mars

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

This single issue covers the FOX title of 'Rex Dexter of Mars' from 1940.

April 2021

68 Pages



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