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Just take a look at those covers! You better get your money ready, they’ll be going fast. . . wonder which one you'll get? Star Comics was run by L.B. Cole, a man who was particularly known for his bold covers featuring bright "poster colors" as he referred to them and striking designs, a typical Star issue would have an eye-catching surreal cover in swirling black and orange and green!

Including work from Jay Disbrow, who is especially remembered for his pre-Code horror comic work and has become a cult favourite for his stories filled with demons, ghostly apparitions and other monsters. Better grab these quick – they’ll be gone real soon!

Spook - Volume One

Trade Paperback / Softie Edition

Trade Paperback Edition


This first volume covers the Star Comics title of 'Spook' issues 22 - 26 January 1953 to October 11951 to October/November 1952. Also features the bonus issues of 'Reptilicus' isuues from August 1961.

May 2022

184 Pages



Please note: This product is not in stock but available to pre-order. This title is expected to arrive from our printers May 2022.

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